Monday, May 17, 2010

The Holocaust

Day by day, Night by night,

The Jewish people would put up the fight.

Working hard, trying to be strong,

Hoping nothing else would possibly go wrong.

Just to breathe was a gift,

All those dead bodies they had to lift.

Burning flames, human ash.

Starvation diseases and Zyklon Gas.

One to drop dead the other sighs,

Used up tears, unable to cry.

Skin and bones just keeping close,

Until it’s their turn to go.

Family members drift apart,

Loosing love that lies in their hearts.

Almost nothing to drink or chew,

Oh what these people had to go through.

Numbers were put on the victims arms,

No more identity, yet so much harm.

Trying to escape was very impossible,

The Nazi’s were unstoppable.

Thinking why would they do this? When will it stop?

Realizing to spend this time wisely it may be all you’ve got.

Everyday always like the day before,

The number of deaths rose more and more.

Slaving, preying and working away,

Until you just simply perish away.

Watching people vanish is harder than the seams,

Shattered hopes and broken dreams.

Death Marches, not able to pick up the pace,

They would fall to the ground and in death they would lay.

No one had any of their belongings anymore,

The Nazi’s took them away for sure.

Being slaughtered, tortured, gassed and burned,

Knowing all your loved ones may never return.

6 million Jewish lives were lost,

During this time of the holocaust.



  1. Welcome to the blogging world Casey! You are all linked up to Teen Waves now, so I can keep track of each new post you write!

    I am really loking forward to reading your poems!

    This is a wonderful piece of poetry! Very moving! Well done!

    P.A. ( I am Gemma or Greyscale Territory on the internet!)

  2. Back again Casey!
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