Monday, May 17, 2010

The Holocaust

Day by day, Night by night,

The Jewish people would put up the fight.

Working hard, trying to be strong,

Hoping nothing else would possibly go wrong.

Just to breathe was a gift,

All those dead bodies they had to lift.

Burning flames, human ash.

Starvation diseases and Zyklon Gas.

One to drop dead the other sighs,

Used up tears, unable to cry.

Skin and bones just keeping close,

Until it’s their turn to go.

Family members drift apart,

Loosing love that lies in their hearts.

Almost nothing to drink or chew,

Oh what these people had to go through.

Numbers were put on the victims arms,

No more identity, yet so much harm.

Trying to escape was very impossible,

The Nazi’s were unstoppable.

Thinking why would they do this? When will it stop?

Realizing to spend this time wisely it may be all you’ve got.

Everyday always like the day before,

The number of deaths rose more and more.

Slaving, preying and working away,

Until you just simply perish away.

Watching people vanish is harder than the seams,

Shattered hopes and broken dreams.

Death Marches, not able to pick up the pace,

They would fall to the ground and in death they would lay.

No one had any of their belongings anymore,

The Nazi’s took them away for sure.

Being slaughtered, tortured, gassed and burned,

Knowing all your loved ones may never return.

6 million Jewish lives were lost,

During this time of the holocaust.


Thanks To The Bullies (based on the novel Destroying Avalon)

Now I am moving house again,
I soon get an email sent from "A Friend",
I unpack the boxes, get ready for school,
After the hurtful message, I feel like a fool.
I'm starting a new school different from the old,
To fit in with everyone was my ultimate goal.

I walked with this girl Alice she was so pretty and blonde,
She had a strong look in her eye like something was going on.
It turns out she was nasty once she showed me to her mate,
And that friendliness is over the trust is now hate.

It’s hard nobody likes me, I feel all alone,
I spent all my day wishing to go home.
Least I have new friends Marshall, Tamara, Jemima and Sook,
But it’s not that easy, I like them but they are all in the reject group.

I went on a blog which showed me what people were saying,
What kind of game were these bullies playing?
These people didn’t know me so why be so cruel?
Do they think making up stories is cool?

I look at all the rumours; I know it’s a lie,
I sit and my computer desk trying not to cry.
People can be harsh and words can hurt,
I hate those bullies that treat me like dirt.

Marshall is always there, he makes me feel alright,
We are both getting really tight.
I tell him everything good and the bad,
I tell him when I'm happy and when I'm sad.

The texts are annoying me and so are the blogs,
Why are Alice and her posse such dogs?
I try ignoring the rumours and not go on the net,
But hearing all this Goss, how can I just forget?

It soon becomes an obsession to see what they say,
I am now on my computer night and day.
The blogs are getting worse its becoming insane,
It’s getting to me so much I feel so much pain.

I need time to breathe and get over all the troubles,
But how can that happen when your problem doubles?
Marshall is now involved and he is getting threats,
I feel bad for him, I have so many regrets.

I am now worried Marshall isn’t home,
Why didn’t he answer the phone?
I’m shaking, I quiver, and everything has gone mad,
I run and I confess and tell mum and dad.

They stress and I’m crying and I just can’t stop,
Really at this moment why can’t this all drop?
I can’t sleep I’m thinking of him, I am in such grief,
I’m at school with mum and dad now I feel relief.

We talk for a while until something gets said,

I know he is gone but I need to be tough,
Do these bullies know when enough is enough?
I go to his funeral and pay my respects,
I see the coffin and my eyes take effect.

I stop by his house to see how his mother is going,
It’s so hard to talk about him without tears flowing.
She gives me his journal I read it page by page,
I feel his depression and I feel his rage.

He talked about how he liked me alot,
Reading about me simply made my heart drop.
I liked him to, but I thought he was gay,
I wish I could apologize but there is nothing I can say.

He is gone I could never talk to him again,
I can’t bear at all; I’ve lost my dearest friend.
So many people are responsible for Marshall’s short life,
And to me this just doesn’t seem right.

I read the last page I see what it says,
It explains why Marshall put a gun to his head.
And thanks to those heartless bullies Marshall is dead.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My first post

Now I have a blog to write all my poetry, hope you enjoy :)